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WSPIR's main objective is to help individuals and families that are experiencing paranormal phenomenon. All evidence collected during our investigations of private residences will be kept in the strictest confidence and will not be posted on this website.

Time for investigating public locations with known paranormal activity is extremely limited due to the amount of time devoted to private clients.  Just a few of the public locations investigated by WSPIR:

Northern State Hospital (Multiple investigations)
Old Montana State Prison (Multiple investigations)
Preston Castle, Ione, CA (Multiple investigations)
Starvation Heights Ollala, WA (Multiple investigations)
Tokeland Hotel, Tokeland, WA (Multiple investigations)
Roslyn Theatre , Roslyn, WA
Issaquah Historical Museum
Issaquah Train Depot
Hugo House

Time permitting, data from investigations of public locations will be posted here.



RoslynEastern State Pen

This area is to assist the paranormal investigator.

There are several theories that indicate a correlation between lunar, solar and/or geomagnetic activity and the paranormal.  Therefore, the lunar, solar and geomagnetic activity information is recorded at the time of each investigation.  Over time, we hope to provide statistics that prove this connection.   


Solar X-rays:
Geomagnetic Field:






Data is downloaded from the SEC (Space Environment Center) every 20 minutes, and the Paranormal Weather Images are then regenerated to reflect current conditions. To add Paranormal Weather Images to your webpage, click here. Original data is available at

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