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EVPs from Investigation #0405, Starvation Heights

The group had only just arrived and Rachel was sitting in the back seat of the car containing the psychic Michelle. Just as Rachel pans from the driver's side window back to Michelle she captured this EVP on video. Neither person in the car were talking. You can clearly hear Wolf saying "on my dads side of the family" the EVP follows shortly after.

Audio Only

EVP with video

While Dutch and Sarah were taking readings in the bathroom here is an EVP captured on Sarah's Sony Digital Tape recorder using a lapel microphone.

This is the bathroom where Dr. Hazzard performed autopsies on an ironing board in the bathtub

Sarah's EVP

While standing on the trail near the ravine, Patricia asks Charlotte "are you looking at your pictures?" There are two very distinct EVPs one before the question and one shortly after Charlotte's reply.

Charlotte uses a  Micro cassette recorder with an external omni directional microphone.

These were taken by the ravine where Dr. Hazzard was thought to have disposed of "missing patients"

complete EVP

edited version of clip #1 (Prior to the question)

edited version of clip #2 (After Charlotte's response)


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